14 4 / 2014

After a seemingly boring morning, this day turns awesome with the gift of a new bike. It wasn’t just any bike, it was a lavender Huffy mountain bike with black and pink splatter paint - basically the Mazda Miata of mountain bikes. Cruising through the hood with my Disneyland visor and Hypercolor t-shirt, I was pretty much unstoppable.

P.S. The discussion of our “funny & interesting pasts” brought to light that my Grandma had been going by an incorrect first name the whole time I had known her. It turns out she always thought her real first  name, Laura, was weird so she chose to go by her much more normal middle name - Albertina.

11 4 / 2014

Some days are less interesting than others.

07 4 / 2014

Nebraska has a rich tradition of authors who use life on the plains as their inspiration. It is in this tradition that I crafted this riveting story about manure. (Thank you, Brothers Grimm, for the plagiarized title).

03 4 / 2014

My sister and I were involved in 4-H during our preteen years, but were hands down the lackeys of our club, rarely completing our projects and mostly attending for the snacks.

Our mom briefly thought it was a good idea for us to learn how to sew and  thought 4-H sewing competitions were just the ticket. However, after my handmade fuchsia and turquoise pantsuit garnered a measly red ribbon at the county fair, she let me abandon sewing to pursue my real passion – watching Double Dare and eating Fruit Roll-Ups.


31 3 / 2014

May 9, 1990 was the day to try out my newly acquired, incredibly useful skill of cursive writing. In a day filled with so many extravagant events and culinary wonders, I obviously needed penmanship to match.


27 3 / 2014

A lot was covered this day in health class.

24 3 / 2014

I can’t help but wonder if those around me suspected I would grow up to be a serial killer.

I should note this is the only poem that appears in Dawn’s Poem Book. I guess when you start off this strong there’s really no need to continue.

20 3 / 2014

As I mentioned in my previous angst ridden entry, my mom started a part-time job at a travel agency when I was 11. Despite the fact this only meant her being gone three days a week (which exactly coincided with when I was in school), I was not pleased with this prospect. I guess I assumed while I was at school she sat at home all day missing her beautiful and dynamic daughter. How dare she have a life?!

There was only one way to handle this situation…a hunger strike.

17 3 / 2014

This entry was written the day after my mom started a part-time job at a travel agency. I apparently was not pleased with this turn of events. However, the day after writing this rather angst-filled entry, I changed my mind and wrote “NOT” across it. As this addition makes it rather difficult to decipher, here is what I believe the entry says:

"Today I’m writing something I think: Our family is a circle that revolves around sucking fans of business agreements. Ignoring. Mom is getting sucked into that circle. Tonight Grandma and Grandpa Luebbe took us out to eat. P.S. Goodnight. Dawn"

I can say with absolute certainly that this attempt at poetic imagery was inspired by a scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (a movie I watched at least twice a week) where Charlie and Grandpa George drink a beverage that makes them float and they almost get sucked into the circular ceiling fan until they lower themselves by burping.

14 3 / 2014

What vacation would be complete without an educational experience? On this day in L.A. my parents took us to an “underware museum.” What I fail to mention is that this museum was Frederick’s of Hollywood.

This week in L.A. was hands down one of the best in my life. I knew I was meant to be a California girl. Just look at how natural I am on the beach:

P.S. This is the beginning of the phase where my sister and I wore mostly XL men’s shirts.