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On January 14, 1991, I put on my best waiter outfit and then took a trip to the movies to see the scariest thing I’d seen since The ‘Burbs.

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I will be reading diary entries and telling a story of preteen love and loss at “SHUT UP! All Female Storytelling.” Hosted by Lisa Kleinman and Caitlin Brodnick.

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Like many preteens of the early ’90s, I was obsessed with young adult books about kidnapping. From The Face on the Milk Carton to Missing Since Monday, I couldn’t get enough. This might explain why as an adult, there’s nothing I love more than 48 Hours Mystery.

I found this book report in my fifth grade journal about one of these chilling books, innocently titled: Babysitting is a Dangerous Job. This might be why I never really sought out babysitting as a part-time job.


Thank goodness I included that what the kidnapped children had for dinner.

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From ages eight to twelve I pretty much lived in a pair of roller skates. I would spent hours in our unfinished basement skating in circles while blasting En Vogue. The only things getting me out of my skates this day were a nice chowder and the latest Fred Savage blockbuster.

Such a great day could only be complete with best international cuisine Lincoln had to offer: my mom’s famous “Anchowlotas.”

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My younger sister Ginger was my absolute best friend growing up. Between her fun, easy-going nature, positive outlook, and ability to complete my math homework for me, she was (and is) the best sister a girl could ask for.

Throughout my diaries, there are a few days where I guess I was feeling lazy or something and I asked Ginger to record the day’s events on my behalf. Like me, Ginger had a knack for recording the important stuff – like what we ate for lunch. Unlike me she was not afraid to address flatulence.

As in this entry, we occasionally did each other’s hair. This was always a good idea.

Happy Birthday Ginger!!!

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Like many girls of the early ’90s, I was into American Girl dolls. Hardcore.

When I got the Kirsten doll for my 10th birthday, it was pretty much the best day of my life. As someone whose mother made her wear a bonnet until she was 8, I could totally relate to Kirsten’s style choices.

In addition to my regular diary, I noted the day’s events The American Girls Diary.

It was in this diary, on December 16th, 1991 that I make my first reference to  a current event. There was probably all sorts of important things going on in the world during this time, but none as important as this:

I did some research to see just how true my recollection was, and yes, as it turns out, the Pentagon did indeed have a rat infestation in 1991. This clearly made a big impression.

Also, why sign your name once, when you can sign it twice?

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Julia had a somewhat unique childhood, as an American living in Caracas, Venezuela. Nonetheless, her diary entry from 1994 shows she is dealing with the exact same things most 13 year-old deal with: figuring out how to shave, navigating love, mean girls, and trying to fit it all into multiple postscripts.

Here’s a picture of Julia straight out of the Escuela Campo Alegre international school yearbook.

Note how Julia turns into “Julla.” Julla just can’t win.

Julia is a writer, performer, and storyteller  based in NYC who hosts Happy Hour Story Hour every Monday at UCB East at 6:30pm. Follow @JuliaWiedeman

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I guess I spent the entirety of August 28th, 1992 determining the name of my future child.


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After a rather decadent lunch, this Sunday was dominated by roller skating and chores.

I have to admit 2 1/2 hours of skating in circles with my church buds does seem a bit long. Holiday Skate World was fun and all, but there was only so much to take in at this cinder-block and concrete preteen palace. By hour two, we had undoubtedly cycled through the Ghostbusters theme song, the Hokey Pokey and the entire Ace of Base catalog. I probably would have left earlier, but faced with the prospect of more bathroom cleaning, skating was by far the better option.

P.S. There seemed to be some confusion between bathrooms and dishes.

P.P.S. By the look of the postscript, I apparently had one too many margaritas at the roller rink.

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Due to your incredible support, My 1992 Diary is coming to a bookstore near you in Spring of 2015!

With tons of never-before-seen entries, cringe-worthy photographs, and all new in-depth commentary, My 1992 Diary will continue to embarrass me for years to come.

It will answer such timeless questions as: What heights will my bangs reach? Will Dan ever take a hint and ask me out to TCBY? And what did I have for lunch on February 9, 1992?   

A big-time THANK YOU to all those who have read the blog and my publisher Abrams.